Every business needs a succession strategy to maximise value.


On average, 80% of a family business owner's wealth is tied up in their company, so when retirement, lifestyle changes or health problems necessitate making plans to sell the business, it makes sense to trust the most important transaction of your life to an adviser with experience - that's where we come in.


Perhaps you have brought your business to a point where you don't have the cash, ability or willpower to keep growing, or you and your fellow shareholders disagree over where to go next.  Alternatively, you may be too busy working within the business that you find it difficult to see the bigger picture.


Informed, impartial decisions need to be taken about the next steps, be that now or for the years to come.


Building business value is what we do, either to enhance the value for your exit plan, or for future generations. 

Please ask for a copy of our publication "Building value in your business"