What can we do for you?

The challenges of every business are different and we will work with you to ensure that nothing is overlooked in planning your succession strategy.  Our service is based on experience and our fees are tailored to the work we will provide to get the job done. 


We will give you an honest appraisal of the issues likely to affect your plans; we won't adopt a "one size fits all" approach, so you and your business will never be treated like a commodity. 

Business strategy


We plan carefully, to identify and deal with the key issues that may impact on the future market value of your business.  Our experience should help us foresee the major pitfalls before you even consider thinking about a possible sale or joint venture.


If your exit plans are some time away, we can help build future value.  This may not be as difficult as you think and we will work with you every step of the way to develop sustainable plans for the future.

Finding buyers for sellers


We identify real buyers using our extensive research facilities and global contacts.  These will be vetted, relevant buyers who have the funds to do a deal. 


Tactics for sensitive discussions with buyers will be carefully considered and we will join you at meetings with them.  Managing your confidentiality is always paramount.


Finding sellers for buyers


We maintain contact with several "off market" businesses, which are companies where the owners have not yet chosen to actively market their business, but would be receptive to discussions with potentially interested buyers.


Our network of professional contacts advises us daily about businesses for sale in all industries and markets - in the UK or beyond.


We are also able to use our extensive research facilities to identify and contact owners of businesses that are not on the market, to find out if there is an opportunity for you to make an acquisition on favourable terms.

Value enhancement


If your need to sell the business is not immediate, or your price requirement is unlikely to be achieved by today's value, then we can help develop your business to enhance its future value.


One way to achieve this may be by making an acquisition of a complementary business. Another may be by raising new finance to help you to expand organically.  We have access to innovative funding sources.


Developing a strong management team - either from within or from outside - will create a platform for succession and future growth and will help you to achieve your own exit strategy.


Appointing the wrong person can prove to be a costly mistake, so making key appointments, perhaps on an interim or non-executive basis may be a sensible starting point to developing the team.

Price Expectation


If you are planning to sell, you will want to know what you should expect to receive for your business in current market conditions.


The structure by which you will be paid and the security of those payments is as important as the headline price.  


When a deal has been negotiated, we can introduce you to specialist lawyers and tax advisers who will bring your deal to a swift completion and maximise the value of what has been agreed.