What can we do for you?

The challenges of every business are different and what's right for one client may not be right for another.  We'll ensure that nothing is overlooked in planning your project.  Our service is based on experience tailored to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 


We will give you an honest appraisal of the issues likely to affect your plans.  Our reputation has been built on the strength of the personal relationships we have with our clients and other members of the professional community.

Laying the Foundations


We plan carefully with you to identify and deal with key issues that may impact on you, helping to see any major pitfalls before we take on your project. The UK's future outside the EU will provide many exciting opportunities for business owners and we are well placed to let you know about some of these through a world-wide network of contacts, using their knowledge on the ground. 

Finding Sellers for Buyers


Now, more than ever is the time to consider an acquisition as a means of building and strengthening your business.


We maintain contact with several "off market" businesses -  these are companies whose owners have not yet chosen to actively sell their business, but who are receptive to initial discussions with serious buyers.  As a buyer, this will give you a big competitive advantage in entering into one-to-one negotiations, as opposed to getting involved in a protracted bidding process where businesses are being heavily marketed by hungry brokers keen to earn their "success" fees.


We can also identify and directly contact owners of businesses that are not being marketed to find out if they would be receptive to an approach on mutually attractive terms.  Our success rate is high in making such approaches and our strength lies in building rapport with business owners to build confidence for ongoing negotiations.


We can have as much involvement as you need, using our unique modular acquisition model  Be assured that we will support you whenever you need our help.

Finding Buyers for Sellers


We identify real buyers using our global contacts and extensive research facilities.  These will be vetted, relevant parties who have the funds to do a deal.


Overseas buyers can often be looking for a strategic foothold in the UK and we have sold many businesses to non-UK acquirers.


On occasion, we can undertake anonymous test marketing exercises for our clients through an associated business to assess likely buyer interest before they fully engage with us, so building confidence in the process.


Tactics for sensitive discussions with buyers will be carefully considered and we will always join you at meetings or discussions.  Managing your confidentiality will always be our prime concern.

World-Wide Contacts


Our long-established network of contacts keep us advised about businesses for sale or wanted in industries and markets around the world.

Building Value 


If you don't need to sell your business right now, or the price you need is unlikely to be achieved in today's market, then let us help you enhance its value and get you to where you would like to be.


Perhaps you don't want to sell 100% of your business now, but would just like to cash-in some equity for (say) a well-earned "family event of a lifetime" and have an continuing, less active stake, so that when you are ready to exit fully, the value of your remaining shares will be much greater.  We can engineer such opportunities and some buyers will be comforted by your continued involvement and expertise, as you build a bigger business together using your combined skills and resources.


Acquiring a complementary business or raising new finance to help you to expand organically can be another way to grow and we have access to many innovative funding sources that can help to make this happen.


Developing a strong management team - either from within or from outside - will create a platform for succession and future growth and can help you to exit smoothly when you are ready.  Making key appointments, perhaps on an interim or non-executive basis may be a good starting point to strengthening your team. We have wide experience in this.

Price Expectation


You will want to know what value you may expect from a sale in today's challenging market conditions, before you finalise your exit plans.  The structure by which you will be paid and the security of any deferred payments is as important as the headline price. Remember sometimes the best buyer may not necessarily make the best offer!

Crossing the Finishing Line


When a deal has been negotiated, we can, if needed, introduce you to trusted, experienced legal teams who will help bring your deal to a swift completion and secure the value of what has been negotiated.  We will continue to be involved with you until your deal is completed.